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About Us

The story of how Roots came to be.

In 2016, the first iteration of Roots was developed within Greenpeace, focusing primarily on an inclusive and community-centered approach towards tactical interventions and non-violent direct actions. Over the course of seven years, Roots has continued to evolve, developing a holistic grassroots strategy that prioritizes building counter power and local leadership as the most sustainable way of achieving systemic change. 

Our values

Meeting people where they are

Real change is grown and led from the ground up. We believe the first step is to understand the needs of the community, and always move at their pace.

An intersectional and systemic approach

Issues of social justice and climate justice are intrinsically linked and interconnected, and that any change must come from systemic solutions that address this.

Sustained and responsible relationship building

Building trust and long lasting connections with communities underpins all of our work, which means considering the impact that every decision or action we take could have on the relationships we build.

Placing wellbeing, resilience, and creativity at the core

Long-term and sustainable campaigning can only be achieved through nourishing resilient and healthy movements that integrate well-being and creative expression into the structure of any grassroots work. 

But how did it all start?

  • 2016-2018

    In the beginning...

    The first iteration of Roots is developed within Greenpeace, with a small team focusing primarily on an inclusive and community-centered approach towards tactical interventions, mobilization and non-violent direct actions. The team works with Greenpeace offices and local allies in organizing and carrying out offline activities.

  • 2019-2021

    Shifting focus

    Youth revolutionize the climate justice movement by taking the streets, and Roots recalibrates its strategy, supporting young grassroots initiatives in organizational and capacity building through workshops with a special emphasis on local organizing and well-being & resilience. The COVID-19 pandemic shifts offline strategies to online, and Roots reaches a record number of people delivering training opportunities digitally. It launches a program focused on tackling climate-disinformation as a result of a global uptick in false narratives shared and spread online.

  • 2022

    The Climate Justice Camp launches

    © Seddik Boubaker

    As the world begins to re-open, Roots develops the framework for an in-person Global-South focused climate gathering as a precursor to COP27. Following several months of development and with the support of more than 30 partner organizations, the resulting inaugural Climate Justice Camp is held. Taking place in Tunisia, it brings together 350 young climate leaders from across the Global South. Roots begins integrating creative storytelling and creative expression into its program offerings.  

  • 2023

     Taking it to the next level

    © Roukoz Alam

    Following the success of the Climate Justice Camp, Roots launches its brand externally, establishing an online presence to promote its programs and offer partnership and development opportunities. Roots works alongside more than 40 local and international partners to host the second edition of the Climate Justice Camp in Lebanon in September, firmly establishing the camp as an annual mainstay on the climate agenda. More than 450 young people from all regions in the Global South attend, and the camp garners regional and international media attention. 

  • 2024

    Regional camps and new projects

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    A group of young camp participants from the Caribbean approach Roots with the framework for a regional edition of the event, with the aim of connecting climate justice demands across the many islands. In March, this regionally-focused Climate Justice Camp is held in Sint Maarten with the support of more than 20 local partners, bringing together 120 participants from 25 Caribbean nations. Roots begins the development of the third global Climate Justice Camp, set for Sub-Saharan Africa in October. It also launches two new projects: a well-being ambassadors network; and a micro-grants offering, providing funding of up to USD $10,000 to youth-led Global South grassroots initiatives. 

Meet the team

Adri (pronouns: she/her)

Role: Digital Organizer

Based in Mexico, Adriana Calderon is the Digital Organizer for the Roots team, joining at the beginning of 2023. A youth climate activist and organizer, Adri has been a campaigner with Fridays For Future and Fridays For Future MAPA (Most Affected People and Areas). She is in her third year of International Studies and Modern Languages, and is a huge Taylor Swift fan.

Agus (pronouns: he/him)

Role: Program Leader

Based in the US, Agustin Maggio is the Program Leader for Roots, having spearheaded its inception in 2016. He has a long track record in grassroots organizing, movement building, training, and facilitation, and believes that building community is an essential step in achieving meaningful change. He’s crazy about escape rooms and intricate board games. 

Bianca (pronouns: she/her)

Role: Deputy Program Leader

Based in Portugal, Bianca Castro is the Deputy Program Leader of Roots, and has been with the team since 2022. She started her climate justice activism with Fridays For Future, and has years of experience in grassroots organizing and UNFCCC processes. Bi is also an author on climate justice topics and a political analyst on climate and social policies. With a background in music, theater, and science, she enjoys bringing together science, arts, and politics.

Bruno (pronouns: he/him)

Role: Grassroots Campaigner

Based in Argentina, Bruno Giambelluca is the Grassroots Campaigner at Roots, and has been part of the team since 2020. He has over a decade of experience in the environmental sector in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, focusing on urban waste management, climate policy, and grassroots movements. He is a lover of new technology as a form of communication, and is a passionate cyclist.

Chris (pronouns: he/him)

Role: Organizing Capacity Developer

Based in Greece, Christopher Dean is the global Organizing Capacity Developer at Roots, joining the team in 2016. He has decades of experience working with volunteers, activists and grassroots groups on a wide variety of environmental and social justice issues, and believes everyone has the capacity to create positive change for and with communities. Chris loves tennis, and listening to Taylor Swift.

Elsa (pronouns: she/her)

Role: Movement Organizer

Based in France, Elsa Chauveau Pegaz is a Movement Organizer who joined Roots in 2024. She has worked for years in the field with volunteers and grassroots movements on social, ecological, and human rights issues; and believes that true change can only come from the base. Elsa is a book lover and enjoys baking to relax.

Feli (pronouns: she/her)

Role: Grassroots Resilience & Wellbeing Coordinator

Based in Chile, Felisa Aguilar is the Grassroots Resilience & Wellbeing Coordinator for Roots, and has been with the team since 2021. A psychologist by profession, Feli works to strengthen well-being and resilience in the movements or groups through mindfulness practices, non-violent communication, and effective facilitation. In her free time, Feli is an avid anime watcher. 

Jo (pronouns: she/her)

Role: Movement Organizer

Based in the Philippines, Joanna Sustento has been a Movement Organizer at Roots since 2022. She leads the Roots Micro-grants project and is the pioneer behind the Human LIVErary. Jo started her journey in the climate movement in 2013 and has since been sharing her story as a typhoon survivor and activist in the hopes of humanizing the climate crisis. She loves biking and being in nature. She is a full-time mom too!

Maryam (pronouns: she/her)

Role: Digital Organizing Platform Project Coordinator

Based in Egypt, Maryam Azzam is the Project Coordinator of a Global South digital organizing platform prototype, and has a passion for project management and impact evaluation. Maryam works with grassroots and youth movements in Africa, with a focus on climate change risks on heritage and ecotourism. Maryam is obsessed with the Lion King and thinks lions could make great pets!

Matteo (pronouns: he/him)

Role: Creative Storytelling & Community Building

Based in Spain, Matteo De Vos leads the creative storytelling work at Roots, joining the team in 2021. He cares deeply and seriously about making his work as playful, joyful and creative as possible. A theater improviser by night, Matteo spends his daytime co-creating with grassroots activists, tapping into the power of creative expression to bring about social, political and restorative change.

Max (pronouns: he/him)

Role: Counter-Disinformation Lead and Digital Campaigner

Based in the UK, Max MacBride is the Counter-Disinformation Lead and Digital Campaigner at Roots, and has been with the team since 2022. With extensive experience in strategic campaigning and digital advocacy in environmental and human rights spaces, he is now focused on driving initiatives to equip young climate activists and journalists with the tools to better identify and respond to climate disinformation. Max is a massive football fan, and is dad to two little ones.

Ro (pronouns: she/her)

Role: Resilience & Media Organizer

Based in Argentina, Rosario Coll is the Resilience & Media Organizer at Roots, joining the team in 2020. A climate activist for over a decade, a journalist, and a feminist, Ro believes that power lies in people, and that collective change comes from intersectional collaboration. Ro also co-hosts a regular radio show, likes sailing, and identifies as a cat person despite having a dog named Cuba.

Sandra (pronouns: she/her)

Role: Climate Justice Camp Project Manager

Based in Mexico, Sandra Laso is the Project Manager for the Climate Justice Camp platform at Roots, joining the team in 2024. She has over a decade of experience working with civil society organizations as a volunteer, activist, campaigner, coordinator and manager. She is passionate about feminism and environmentalism; is a dog lover; and is constantly judged for her laugh.

Sophie (pronouns: she/her)

Role: Head of Communications & Digital

Based in Aotearoa New Zealand, Sophie Schroder is the Head of Communications & Digital at Roots, joining the team in 2020. With a background in journalism, she has a passion for creative communications that bring complex issues to life and tell the stories of the people and communities most impacted. Sophie has a dog named Pablo, and a penchant for dystopian fiction.