Building capacity

We partner with local, regional and international initiatives and organizations to provide in-person and online development opportunities for groups and individuals on the frontlines of climate change.

Roots has worked in partnership with hundreds of small, medium, and large movement groups and organizations to build the capacity and skills required to drive initiatives, seed organizations, and shift politics, political dynamics, and public opinions. We provide a mixture of online and offline trainings and workshops, supplemented by 1-2-1 and small group mentorship, communities of practice, and train-the-trainers opportunities.

Local organizing

Roots works with local and regional activists and grassroots initiatives to build organizing capacity and develop strong organizational infrastructures that support long-term movement building and community-level impact. We deliver workshops and trainings that develop local organizing, campaigning, leadership, member retention and advocacy skills, and pair this with ongoing support, mentorship, and networking to enable groups to implement and win impactful locally-rooted climate justice campaigns.

Resilience and well-being

We focus on building resilience and wellbeing practices into the core of any strategy to help sustain campaigns and movements that are healthy for the individual and the collective, while facilitating membership retention within the groups we work with. This support includes workshops, resources, and mentorship opportunities to ensure groups have the tools they need to deal with challenges. 

Creative storytelling

We support youth climate justice groups in frontline regions to use the voice, the body, and the imagination as a form of creative expression to engage new audiences, build community, and win campaigns. Utilizing theater, art, and music, we work with groups to implement storytelling techniques in formats that are culturally relevant. These include hosting human LIVErary events where participants gather to listen and share intimate stories of loss and triumph; connecting communities with experienced artists to develop and co-create collective ways of telling local stories; and hosting mass role playing games as a way for groups from different backgrounds and experiences to gain insight into the stories of others.