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Building community

We create platforms and networks that bring together groups and individuals from around the Global South to co-create, collaborate, and share knowledge, stories, and skills.

When we come together as a community, we share our knowledge, our resources, our stories, and we can achieve real change. We create spaces for groups from diverse backgrounds and experiences to come together, build relationships and networks, develop skills, and co-create strategies and tactics to foster a climate justice community that crosses borders and issues.

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Roots is one of the lead partners of the Climate Justice Camp platform.

In 2022, the inaugural Climate Justice Camp, held in Tunisia, was launched as a platform to connect young climate leaders and activists from countries around the Global South and build cross-border strategies, networks, and momentum in the lead up to COP27.

This was followed by the Climate Justice Camp 2023, held in Lebanon; and the first regional edition, held for Caribbean participants in Sint Maarten in 2024. Between them, these multi-day gatherings have hosted more than 1,000 participants from over 100 countries on the frontlines of climate change; and are the first climate events of their kind to facilitate collaboration between social and climate justice groups and leaders in these regions of the world.

The Climate Justice Camp initiative has now become an annual mainstay, with future camps set to take place in Sub-Saharan Africa at the end of 2024, and Latin America in 2025.

The Roots Well-being Ambassadors project aims to establish a network of community leaders specialized in well-being, resilience, and collective care, with a focus on psycho-emotional support.

We work with dedicated individuals to implement concrete care practices within their communities over time. This network remains connected for the long-term, sharing ideas, best practices, experiences, common needs, and resources. Part of this project also involves the implementation of tools and outputs to elevate the profile of those working on well-being within the climate movement, and to highlight the significance of this work in sustaining and strengthening a climate movement capable of affecting change at scale.

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Developing cross-border and cross-issue solidarity and community is critical when it comes to building collective power.

The climate crisis is the result of unequal power relations at the global and societal level. Access to power, or lack of it, determines our collective capacity to affect change and shape a better future. The youth of today are the political actors and power brokers of tomorrow and there is a strong appetite from young people to be the drivers of change in their communities, countries, and societies. Roots works to galvanize wider community-driven climate justice efforts by empowering local groups in the climate movement with the organizing principles and skills to build their own power. By promoting strong regional and national ties and networks between these groups and individuals, we can increase collective influence, and ensure that climate action at all levels is informed from the grassroots up.