A group of people dancing energetically outdoors on a grassy field under a clear blue sky, with white buildings in the background. © Seddik Boubaker




We are
A group of people standing together, streaching their arms out above them, like they're touching the sky. © Pamela EA

Social and political transformation is always built from the heart and spirit of the community, led by the people most impacted, and driven by movements of solidarity. Power comes from really seeing each other, understanding the needs of those around us and the intersecting issues that connect us.

Five people standing in a circle around the camera that's laying on the ground facing the sky, whilst crossing their arms together in the centre. © Seddik Boubaker

Roots works with people and communities to build power from the ground up. We partner with youth and climate justice movements in frontline regions to develop capacity and leadership, and support intersectional and equitable system change at a local level, critical to driving climate action.

What we do best

Roots aims to catalyze the growth and impact of a Global South climate justice movement made up of intersectional and youth-led grassroots initiatives.

  1. Building community
  2. Building capacity
  3. Tackling climate disinformation
  4. Resourcing campaigns


We do lots of cool stuff! Check out some of the highlights of our program and projects.