The Human LIVErary stories: Vanessa Nakate


At the Climate Justice Camp in Lebanon, we spoke to four inspiring storytellers who joined over 40 other people across two beautiful nights to tell personal stories about their communities and experiences.

This space is called the Human LIVErary, where storytellers serve as ‘living books’ that ’readers’ can learn from in a live, intimate, face-to-face setting. 

In the first episode, Vanessa Nakate from Uganda talks about what motivates her to act. Vanessa is a climate justice activist, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, author of A Bigger Picture, and is part of the Rise Up Movement and Tard Foundation. She shares her perspective on being an introvert, and how she went from struggling to speak in front of her class to speaking to thousands of people including world leaders. This is a conversation on how faith is a central part of Vanessa’s activism, how it inspires her, and how taking action is more than just passion - it feels like her purpose.